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Ad Cominotto—composer, musician, producer and sound designer with a left-field touch

Recent Activity

april to october 2005

Vaya con dios is taking a whole part off my time this year. Good music, big fun on and off stage. Touring in the whole of Europe.

Started recording the IALMA album in bits and pieces, because of agenda items. Went a few days to Santiago de Compestella (Spain) for aditional recordings and research on this project.

Start writing for a new contamporary danceproject , first show in october 2006, touring the world

If this all is not enough I wrote two tunes. One for a documentary and one for a quiz on "canvas", Belgiums national quality channel. Actually I'm the on screen musician in the quiz.

Work still with Jan writing songs for other artists on demand.

I will be glad when it is 25 decmber, just to have a week off. Cheers.

jan, feb, march 2005

producing more songs with Jan van Laet.

One of the projects is a new "citizen jane" album for the Korean market.

Rehearsed the new IALMA album at Didier Lalois' place in the Ardens. If you don't know Didier, he's an inspired young accordionist.

Musical direction for the new European Vaya Con Dios tour, starting 29 march in Paris. Going to Poland, Greece, Finland, Portugal ....The fun part of hard work!

Recording/arranging for DICK RIVERS' new upcoming album.

October 2004

second leg tour with Alain Bashung wich is more rock&roll

I will be in Fez Morocco in "residence artistique" with a Frensh artist called SAPHO, to lay out her new album

I'm going to produce a new album for IALMA next months

Partner Jan van Laet and I are composing for 3 new projects.

September 2004

Opening the KLARAFESTIVAL at the Beursschouwburg on the 7th. I will perform with a percusionist Jean Pierre Onraedt, my accordion , my laptop and my Moog voyager.

June, July, August2004

Festival touring with Alain Bashung (France, Switserland, Belgium , Canada)

May 2004

Opening Airbag Festival Brugge. What a success! I rearranged the greatest Adamo hits for three accordions. The public in the fully booked Bruges schouwburg —an old Italian theatre— was charmed ,touched and enthousiast. Setup: Aldo Granato, Philipe Hacardiaeux and me accordions. The master Adamo himself on vocals. More info at

Finished tune for Kaaitheater: komedie festival de comedie"

Top off the pops in Paris with Alain Bashung. We where the only live band. Still doing concerts in France and Switzerland.

April 2004

Preparing Airbag Festival Brugge. I am the curator for the opening night at this ambitious accordion festival. For more info see

March 2004

Writing advertising tune for the Kaaitheater "komedie festival de comedie"

Januari Februari March 2004

Touring with Alain Bashung

December 2003

Touring with Alain Bashung in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. The tour runs till September 2004. For detailed info see Alain Bashung's website. I will be at home for Christmas!

Flemish band Mama's Jasje's new album "Zwart op Wit" with a song "Verloren Zaak" written by Jan VanLaet and Ad. Went gold in two weeks.

Hyundai commercial for Guillaume & Duval at Wharmusic. See pictures in the photogallery.

November 2003

Recording a live DVD with Alain Bashung in the Bataclan, Paris. Release somewhere in May 2004.

Guest musician for Adamo's anniversary show in the Ancienne Belgique Brussels and Casino de Paris.